Limited Edition MAC Glitter ‘Reigning Riches’ Dupe!

I have found an affordable dupe of MAC Cosmetic’s Reigning Riches loose glitter from their Holiday 2016 collection. Yesterday while creating a look using my Athena palette from Bad Habit, I realized that I owned a glitter similar to the one that came in my Nutcracker Sweet Bronze pigment & glitter kit. To test this theory, I applied both glitters to my eye and you literally couldn’t tell the difference.


The dupe for this glitter would be the shade Daring from the Athena palette, a dupe for Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Eyeshadow palette. The palette is $12 containing 14 shadows versus the thirty-five dollars for the limited edition set of pigments. You can currently find the glitter for sell on places like Glambot and eBay ranging from $11 dollars and up – so this alternative is a steal. And it is also easily accessible, unlike its limited edition counterpart.



The Best FREE Photo Editing Apps

Numerous bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers alike will share a list of their favorite photo editing apps, and many of them cost. For beginners and people who don’t feel the need to spend $5 on a phone app, there is something out there for you.

Photoquilt – This is the app that I use to create collages for Instagram or my blog. You can use as little as 1-2 pictures, and each collage is the perfect size for posting to Instagram without cropping.

Snapseed – This is one of my newer photo editing apps, and it is bae. I use snapseed to add filters, brighten and enhance all pictures that I post. My favorite tool for this app is ‘Tune Image’. It automatically fixes the picture for you but I will usually tweak the brightness and white balance until it is to my liking. Also, I like to utilize the glamour glow tool. That is what was used when editing my photos for my How to Accessorize Like a BOSS post.

Instasize – The purpose of this app is quite obvious, resizing photos for Instagram. It has come in handy several times and offers more than a simple resizing. You can add text, colorful borders, filters and can edit the photo settings. Instasize was my go-to before I discovered the other apps mentioned above.


Dropbox – Houston we need a backup! …wait that is not how that saying goes. Oh well. Dropbox is the GOAT for saving practically any file that you may later need. Images, music, word documents — you name it! You can save it.

This is where I keep my stock photo collection, and pictures that I want to have in my inventory. Not necessarily a photo editing app but it super handy for blogging and school purposes.

Typorama – This is my current go-to app to add text to images, or to create headers. They have a wide range of text styles, backgrounds, and you can resize the picture based on the platform you will be sharing the image on. My only issue with this app is that it automatically adds typoramas watermark to each picture — to solve this issue I will simply crop it out in my photos.

Over – Over is so dope and innovative when it comes to editing and creating images. On this app, you will choose a picture or background, then you can layer other pictures over the background. Once you do that you can add text, shapes and other cool things to enhance the


When it comes to editing, what are your favorite apps?


2017 in Review: Xoxoselenanicole’s Top 5 Posts

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip down memory lane while reading the most popular posts on XOXOSelenaNicole in 2017

Is This A MAC Dazzleglass Dupe?

#OOTN Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

A.P.D.G Medium-Dark Sampler Pack Review

My Most EXPENSIVE Haul Ever: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Wow, this totally just reminded me that I lost my gloss bomb a week or two ago. While I’m still mourning my loss — let’s have a moment of silence for my everyday fave :/

11 Natural Hair Must Haves for $1



Athena Palette by Bad Habit Beauty – Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Dupe |Deal UNDER $15!

Another one! I have slowly become obsessed with scoring the latest palette from Bad Habit Beauty, and I am not mad at it. Each palette is affordable, full of pigment and a dupe for something that is not in my current budget – a win!

The Athena palette is a dupe of the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty that is SIXTY-FIVE dollars, so I had no choice but to purchase this for a fraction of the price at $12.



Up Close & Personal

Isn’t she pretty? *sighs* I thought I was in love with Aphrodite but Athena arrived and I suddenly don’t know her — shout out to Mariah Carey — anymore.

The notable shades from this palette are Epic, Medusa, Daring and, Gleam. I don’t have any colors in my collection similar to these shades while I have plenty of oranges and burgundies.



Battle of the Dupes:

Aphrodite (Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Palette) $10 vs. Athena (Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Dupe) $12


At first glance, you may notice some similarities between a few shades in the palettes. The more notable ones being Love and Prize (Aphrodite vs Athena), Romance and Heroic, Crush and Medusa, and Blushing and Valour. Upon swatching the shades side by side, the best matches are Love and Prize – they are literally the same color, just placed in another palette.


You can find this bad boy on for twelve dollars. So far it seems to only be available on the shophush app.


The Lip Bar Black Friday Sale Haul

Happy HAULidays! Today we are back with another haul featuring makeup items that I purchased during Black Friday. If you saw my Black Friday Sales I’m Digging post, then you would have known that this was coming. As a semi-reformed lip product junkie, I could not resist the great sale that was being offered – every item was marked down to 10 dollars a piece except for the holiday 2017 collection that was just released.

From this sale I ordered one lip gloss, a lipstick and the mystery bag that comes with two items for $10 dollars. A deal indeed.


The goods:


Lip Gloss in the Shade Class Act | $14

I have already worn my lip gloss in the shade class act and I love it! My mother told me that if it comes up missing then I’ll know where it is; so I need to keep a close eye out on that one LOL. She may end up finding one in her stocking if mine doesn’t go missing.

Lipstick in the shade Chaitini | $13


Lipstick in the shade Everything | $13

Lip liner in the shade True Brown

Holiday Packaging vs. OG Packaging:

As you can see they spiced things up by using white packaging for their Holiday 2017 collection. I do not particularly care for it because it looks kind of cheap. I would have preferred the packaging to have a matte finish which is on par with their usual look. Aside from that I love the concept and hope that they will reconsider the finish. I had already planned what I was going to purchase, then I saw the new items in white packaging and had to pick something up.

If you’re interested in pigmented and colorful, vegan and cruelty free makeup then definitely check out The Lip Bar. Their liquid lipstick in Bawse Lady is ICONIC.

First Impression | #STUNNA Lip Paint in ‘Uncensored’ by Fenty Beauty

Happy HAUL-idays. I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones! To start off the HAULidays I will be sharing the Stunna Lip Paint from Fenty Beauty in the shade Uncensored.

For a whopping twenty-four dollars you get 0.13 oz/4mL of product in sleek Christian Loubition-like packaging with a gold top and a clear bottom. The color is described as a perfect universal red for every skin tone – so far I would have to agree. The formula claims to be weightless, long-wearing (12 hours), and a soft matte finish.

You can find the STUNNA Lip Paint in-stores (and online) at Sephora and Sephora in JCP. It can also be found online at

My experience:

I wore this liquid lipstick the day after purchasing because I had to get my #look together first. Once I did, I applied the lipstick at around 4PM and I had it on until 12AM. The wand on this liquid lipstick is amazzzzing because you do not have to dip more than once for a full application on the lips. I actually could have benefited from wiping excess product from the wand so I would not have made such a mess. A little goes a long way with this one.

The consistency of the formula is reminiscent to Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks as it isn’t thick, and it dries down quite quickly. Some may take that statement as an insult but I love Colourpop’s UM liquid lipsticks because they wear very comfortably. I would love to say that I forgot that I was even wearing the lipstick but that would be a lie. ‘Uncensored’ is a gorgeous color but I like my red’s more blue based. In the packaging, the color looks similar to Sephora’s Always Red lipstain which is not the case when on.

After hours of drinking, eating and talking, I did not notice the color fading until later in the evening. What I did notice was the product sinking into the lines of my lips and in my opinion that is not a good look. When that occurs it makes it seem as if your lips are lacking moisture or the product is drying which isn’t the case in my opinion. This most likely would not be occurring if the formulation was thicker.


Overall, I am not the biggest fan of the #STUNNA Lip Paint because I am choosy with my red lipsticks. I will be using this again as I did not spend twenty-four dollars in vain.

If you have tried Uncensored what are your thoughts? Are you loving it or leaving it?


Mariah Carey x MAC for Holiday 2016 Haul

Picture it, November 24th, 2017, at the Cosmetic Company Outlet.

There weren’t a lot of things that stood out but the ‘extra 50% off’ sign drew me further into the store. At that moment I found what I was missing, and could not get at the original release. It was ‘My Mimi’ Extra Dimension Skin Finish from the Mariah Carey x MAC Holiday collection from 2016. A limited-edition product originally costing forty-five dollars and fifty cents, on sale for SIXTEEN DOLLARS!

I had to get it. The gorgeous golden powder in the shape of Mariah Carey’s face could not be denied. I needed to glow! So, I got it…



Black Friday Sales I’m Digging

Happy turkeylurkey day! Eat until you cannot eat anymore, and then save some of that energy to go shopping. Isn’t that how the United States operates anyways?

This years sales haven’t impressed me at all except for two.

The release of the STUNNA Lip Paint from Fenty Beauty and the Lip Bar is marking everything down to $10 dollars. I am a huge lip product junkie so this is where I am indulging.




What I plan on getting:

#STUNNA Lip Paint by Fenty Beauty

Class Act Lipgloss by The LipBar

Goals Lipgloss by The Lip Bar

$10 Mystery Bag (you get two items for ten dollars, that is a steal!)

What sales are you participating in this year?


Black-Owned Makeup Brands Wishlist | Face Powders & Highlighters

Back at it again it with Black-Owned Makeup Brands!

The first list in my on-going series consisted of makeup needed for your base ex: foundation and concealers (can be found here). So this list is compromised of items needed to complete the full face of makeup; setting powders, blush, highlighters and a setting spray – because you always have to set the look.

I hope you check out the other items offered from these companies, and let me know your favorites if you have already tried them out!


Danessa Myricks Beauty | Evolution Powder #4 $24


BLAC Minerals Cosmetics | Flawless Finish Dust in the shade Java $16 |

LIT Highlight Powder in the shade Winnin’ $20


koyVoca Cosmetics | Ultra (setting) Powder in the shade Ultra 3 $10 |

The HiLife Highlighter in the shade 1,000,000, 000 Babe $12

If you’re interested in trying their cream foundations, cream concealers, or powder foundations. They have samples for sell for about $2 each – they can be found here.


Marena Beaute | Blush in the shade Chocolat $37


Loecal | Supernova Highlighter $14


Beeqbox | Xenon Illuminating Setting Spray $13.50


My Current Favorite Natural Hair Products

These products have been in rotation on a steady basis because I can always expect to have beautiful moisturized hair after using them. I have previously mentioned each item in a review or haul, except for one or two items.



Gabrielle Union Flawless Moisturizing Shampoo $19

Suave Professionals Rosemary + Mint Invigorating Clean Conditioner $3

TGIN Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner $15


ORS Olive Oil for Naturals Butter Whipped Leave-in Conditioning Creme $6

Peppermint Jamaican Black Castor Oil $7


Garnier Fructis Style Curl Renew Reactivating Milk Spray with Coconut Oil $3.50