Month: December 2013

"I woke up like dis, flawless"

If you have listened to Beyoncés latest self-titled album Beyoncé then you may have heard the song called ***Flawless featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche.


This is one of my personal favorites off of the album because I love the message behind the song. In my personal opinion the song is for the empowerment of women so that we can view each other as equals; also I believe it’s saying that we should have confidence in ourselves. Listening to the lyrics “I woke up like this, flawless” as well as “I look so goooood tonight” to an up-tempo beat what woman wouldn’t feel good about herself? That is what we should strive towards, feeling confident even if we just woke up with disheveled hair and dried up drool on our pillow. There have been many complaints about the song because people are taking it as Beyoncés putting others down by saying she’s “flawless”. In my opinion she’s very comfortable in the skin she’s in and she wants everyone to know that. I see nothing wrong with someone liking who they are, even if they are ‘Beyoncé’.
The purpose of this post is not to do a review of the song but to say that confidence is one of the things I struggle with a lot personally. Growing up being bigger than others with acne and braces wasn’t the easiet thing for me. I was never picked on growing up but I was never confident with who I was. Viewing how others see you without even saying a word speaks volumes.
Over the years going to the dermatologist and getting gym memberships on and off you would think my problems would just go away but they did not. I didn’t just magically lose the weight over night and the acne didn’t go away either. Sometimes if my mother will say “it looks like you’ve gained some weight” or “your acne looks bad” I can easily shrug it off knowing that these things aren’t seriously affecting my life. Other times it really hurts my feelings especially if I’ve been going to the gym and making sure I work on my acne problem closer. If something frustrates me I will cry, but when has crying ever solved anything? My confidence will still be the same and my issues will still be the same. Year after year of trying so hard to have an amazing body and great confidence you begin to realize that I like myself the way I am and I have time to work on this. 
***Flawless has easily become on my my favorite songs because it makes me feel good about myself and the person that I’m becoming. It’s always nice to listen to things with a positive message especially about your body image if you’ve been having issues with it. For myself I can have the nicest clothes, prettiest smile & up to date technology but one saying about my weight or personal issues will break me down on the inside. Uplifting others is something that should happen more often and I absolutely love this song because that is what it’s doing no matter if you believe it or not. Being confident in my opinion makes you flawless.
This post was based on beauty and being able to have confidence in yourself. This is something to take into consideration when thinking about yourself and others “beauty”.
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