Month: January 2014

You Need A Boyfriend!

“Why are you still single?” “Girl we need to get you a boo!” “You need a boyfriend!”. – Your Friend in a Relationship

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who is tired of hearing these statements from their friends in a relationship. I have been single for a long enough time to realize that I don’t NEED to be in a relationship. There are many things that you need: food, clothes, shelter & a relationship with God/your parents. That’s it. There are so many girls around my age that have to be in a relationship no matter what and sometimes it baffles me. How can you date someone [which involves you to have an understanding of that person] if you don’t even understand yourself? You need to have a foundation to build on as well as standards to go by. There needs to be a level of respect that you have for yourself and the other person in the relationship as well. Many people do not take these things into consideration before they create a relationship and wonder why they aren’t able to last.


Now I’m not saying that I haven’t met any guys that I liked but I’m saying that there is more to a person then their smile. One of my biggest problems with guys these days is that they don’t know how to court girls anymore. They don’t understand what it means to get to know someone before dating them. In this day and age the only thing many guys know how to do is “come chill”, “slide into your DM’s” and “shoot you a message”. I have no issue with any of those things but it’s just the fact that you don’t know my middle name and you want to be my boyfriend.. It doesn’t work like that. How can we have a relationship based off of nothing besides our looks and text messages. That is where many people fail in the relationship department. They are able to tell you their significant others Twitter/Instagram name, skin color and school they attend but sad to say that is where it ends. For example there is this one guy who has been pursuing me since the end of last semester. He seems like a genuinely nice person and he has a gorgeous smile but there’s no connection. There could be a connection but he doesn’t know me. He could get to know me but he hasn’t tried. I’ve become tired of our text messages filled with “wyd?” And “when are we gonna hangout?” because there’s nothing else to it. I even tried to get to know him better by asking a few questions “what’s your favorite football and basketball team?” “Favorite color?” Which got cut short by a “wyd?”. There could be something but I will never know and I won’t keep pursuing it.


One day I will find the person for me and I will know it until then I won’t settle down for a few text messages with a cute face. It’s nice to know that one day it will happen but until then… I’m siiiiingle. 
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