Month: May 2014

Where Am I Going?

Currently I am at the point in my life where I’m trying to figure out what direction I want to go in. “Is this the major for me?” “Am I doing everything I possibly can to succeed?” “Am I genuinely happy with my life?”
It is common for things like this to cross our minds while we’re young (or at any age) and we have to remind ourselves of our purpose in life including the goals that we want to accomplish and a back up plan if they become intangible. I have always had a dream of becoming a dentist and when I wasn’t able to major in dentistry I went to the next best thing, nursing. It’s so very easy to say what we want to do in life but it isn’t always as easy to fulfill that. If you have to make a journal full of your academic, personal and spiritual goals to get a little closer to obtaining them it will be okay. Something’s may happen but you will always have plan so that we’re able to be one even two steps ahead. For example:
My GPA wasn’t what I expected it to be at the end of the year, so next year I plan on being more studious and aware of what areas of study I need a little extra attention in.
I didn’t go to the gym like I said I would and my weight loss goal wasn’t reached, so now I know how much I need to exercise and ways I should eat healthier to help aid this process.
If I’m not able to do these things I know that my plan needs to get tweaked so I can find success and happiness within myself.
I know this post seemed kind of random but this has been on my mind for a great deal of time and I had to get it out. I hope you all understand where I’m coming from and try to apply this to your lives accordingly. Until next time.
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A Lovely Day in May #OOTD

I was absolutely in love with my outfit that I was wearing on this past Saturday and I could not wait to share it all with you all. Details will be posted below.
#OOTD // 
Jean Jacket – Gap
Black “Wifebeater” Tank – Gap
Palazzo Pants – Belk
Sandals – Belk
Bag – Kate Spade
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