Top Scents for the Summer Under $30

Who doesn’t love a nice smelling perfume? I sure can’t think of anyone who fits that criteria. With summer at it’s peak I wanted to share some of my favorite scents for the hotter months. I know that many of us are on a budget while in college including myself (which has led to my listing half of my closet on poshmark LOL) and we are still looking forward to enjoying the finer things. I compiled a list of some of my favorite fragrances for the summer that are under $30, many of them have travel sizes for those of you wondering around the $10 mark which is truly a bang for your buck. I hope you check some of these fragrances out for yourself and comment to let me know some of your favorites as well!

Buenos Aires Vibe – Mark by Avon // $28.00


Be Enchanted – Bath and Body Works // $14.00


Lemon Signature Vanillas – Bath and Body Works // *no longer sold 😦


Velvet Sugar – Bath and Body Works // $14.00


Heavenly – Victoria’s Secret // $25.00


Bombshell – Victoria’s Secret // $25.00


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  1. I consider perfume to be one of the most essential fashion accessories. If I had to take my pick amongst Victoria and bath & body, I would certainly pick the latter, reason being most of Victoria’s fragrances are fruity and sweet, bath & body mist and perfumes carry a nice scent to them and unlike most of the other body fists, they do not fade away. The sweet fragrance lingers in bath & body but there is also a mildly strong scent that stays.

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