Everyday Essentials from ELF Cosmetics – Part 1

Looking great without spending a lot of money is very important for those on a budget. Today I would like to share my favorite makeup items from ELF (eyeslipsface) cosmetics all under 5$! This will be part one only featuring makeup and part two will include my essential makeup brushes from ELF Cosmetics.

  1. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer $2 – To help lock down your eye shadow and help with your desired pigmentation.2790333
  2. Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow $3 – I love to use these as a base for my eyeshadow because they will make your look POP even more then the primer.14322_21692_900px62668.3.jpg.62668.3
  3. Expert Liquid Liner $2 – If I’m wearing eye makeup then I am wearing this! Whether I’m making a dramatic cat eye or I just want a little umph to my look then this is my go to. Doesn’t smudge and has great pigmentation. Also comes in various shades.21UZ6XDMo+L._SY355_
  4. Cream Eyeliner $3 – If I’m not reaching for my liquid liner then this is going to be used. Very creamy and easy for application.2012338
  5. Eyebrow Kit $3 – Comes with a eyebrow wax and setting powder to finish your eyebrows off to perfection!81301_eyebrow-kit_light
  6. Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara $1 – One of my favorite things to set my eyebrows after filling them in with ELF’S eyebrow wax in the shade medium.k2-_096713a3-5673-4fd9-9c41-62bde5c0b1d6.v1
  7. All Over Color Stick $1 – This will give an subtle glow to your cheeks with it’s gorgeous color choices. My favorite shade is pink lemonade and I would recommend this people of any skin color. I like to use this when I’m going for a natural look.

61pTqvL+FlL._SY355_8. Contouring Blush and Bronzer $3 – I can’t possibly forget the cult favorite blush/contour duo. This duo is great if you’re a beginner or an expert who doesn’t feel like carrying a lot of products. You can use the contour shade to either do a subtle contour or a little bronzing to your face.


To create a full face using these items is $18 not including your other preferred makeup items. A good remover to take off your eye makeup is only $2 for 24 makeup pads! All items can be found in your local walmarts, targets and online at eyeslipsface.com

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