Black Opal True Color Liquid Foundation Review

Seeing Black Opal cosmetics featured in videos made by some of my favorite YouTubers I just knew that I needed to try out their products. It just so happened that I left my foundation at school the weekend when I was going to see J. Cole in concert and I could not go without looking my best. I think that I might have ran over to the Black Opal display at my local CVS just to get my hands on their True Color liquid foundation in the shade Beautiful Bronze.

While on my two hour road trip to the Forest Hills Drive tour my makeup looked seemingly normal. Eventually I began to notice that my face looked super oily and had a orange look to it. Attempting to help with my issue I blotted my face with a bit of powder which didn’t seem to work for more then a few minutes.


Personally I would not recommend this foundation and I am so disappointed that this foundation wasn’t able to work for me on the several occasions that I chose to use it. This foundation was very orange and did not cooperate well with other products. Reading the foundations description on Black Opals website I can attest to the foundation being a light to medium coverage and very buildable. Hopefully Black Opal will change the formula for this foundation in the event that others will continue to purchase. Lets cross our fingers that their stick foundation will live up to the hype!

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