Month: January 2016

Flexirods Saved My Life!

Okay.. so maybe I was being a bit dramatic with the title of this post but I just had to let it be known how much I love flexirods. They’re very affordable, come in varying sizes and can be used to create tons of different hairstyles. These things have become a saving grace while transitioning (my hair) from relaxed to natural.

I will admit that I am no expert at hair rolling, but YouTube sure has helped a great deal. There are tutorials on wet hair, dry hair, short hair, long hair and everything in between! Two of my favorite products to use when flexirodding my hair is Carol’s Daughters Hair Milk Styling Butter and Sunflower Megacare Tea Tree Oil. I use the styling butter on dry hair to help set my style and make sure my ends lay down around the rod.

Some things to remember while doing your hair is that practice makes perfect, and you can always turn a failed hairstyle into something great. I had to learn this for myself a few mornings before class. So if you’re looking to try flexirods for the first time – may the odds be ever in your favor! LOL

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