New Products from ELF!

There’s nothing like finding new makeup while browsing the makeup section! On one of my last trips to Target I decided to pick up E.L.F’s Illuminating Palette ($6) and Instant Brow Pencil ($2). I will admit I’ve been eyeing the brow pencil for a while and finally fell into the temptation.

Out of the two items purchased the illuminating palette is my favorite! The illuminating palette comes with four highlighters AND it’s only six dollars. Sounds like a deal, right? The illuminators are a bit subtle but can be used to their full potential if you spray your fan brush with Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer Water or a solution of your choice.

*deep sigh* Now let’s discuss this brow pencil.. Admittedly I have had better eyebrow pencils for only $1 by Wet’n’Wild and Nicka K. The best part about the eyebrow pencil is the spooly. Take that how you will but I would not recommend this!

In the pictures below I had applied both illuminators on the right side of the palette. The lipstick I’m wearing is Flat Out Fabulous by MAC (dupe)

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