Liquid Lipsticks for Under $2?

Yes, you read that right! Kleancolor has created a line of Madly Matte Lip-glosses (liquid lipsticks) that you can find for less than $2 online or in your local beauty supply store. There are 24 shades in the full collection consisting of vibrant reds, purples, pinks and mauves.

Out of the 24 liquid lipsticks I currently own seven. Grape (1621), Magenta Crush (1620), Jam (1616), Royal (1622), Caliente (1613) , Confetti (1610) and Sangria (1623).

The colors are super pigmented but they have a tacky feeling when you put your lips together long after the initial application. For $1-2 I’m glad that’s the worst thing about them. No bad smell, no streakiness and they don’t fill into the lines of your lips like some others. One thing that I dislike about the packaging is that they don’t have the names of the colors. The only way you can reference the color is by the number which is on the bottom of the lipgloss. If you’re interested in purchasing then be prepared to see ‘sold out’ because these things are a hot commodity!

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