Angie Earrings by Vinti Couture

Earlier this month Quirky, Brown Love posted a blog featuring 49 Black Owned Fashion Companies and one company that caught my eye was Vinti Couture. Vinti Couture sells Afrocentric handcrafted jewelry in bold colors and various sizes. After contemplating which item I should purchase I found the “Angie” and fell in loooooove.


The Angie’s are Inspired by Angela Davis, radical African-American educator and activist for civil rights and other social issues.

There were so many other great contenders but I knew I needed to have these first so I could rock them with a bold red lip and black ensemble. Hopefully the Sahara’s will be back in stock soon because I’m ready to have those beauties on my ear!

Check out Quirky, Brown Love here: 49 Black-Owned Fashion Companies That Cater Specifically To The Carefree, Quirky Black Woman 

Shop Vinti Couture here: VC

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