My Natural Hair Journey

Started from relaxed now we here *dances*. If anyone ever asked what I did while I transitioned to natural I’ll just tell them that I got braids and gradually went to Great Clips to get my hair cut. It was a long time coming and I’m happy that I finally took charge of my own hair. I had a lot of challenges and naysayers along the way but I did it!

The beginning – Late 2014 & Spring 2015


In the beginning stage I didn’t really do anything different with my hair care. I still flat ironed my hair every week/every other week until I eventually started to wear my hair pulled back with a middle part or with a couple of twist. I got tired of wearing my hair in the same styles so one day I said I’m done with relaxers and that pretty much solidified my decision.

Half way there – Fall 2015 & Spring 2016


After some time I ventured into trying new styles like crochet braids and flexirod sets. I watched at least 50 videos before I finally did it myself. I had used them previously before but it was on straightened hair and it just gave my hair a slight curl. Those results were nothing like what I had ended up with this time. And of course I wore some box braids, I get those at least once a semester or three times a year.

Basically 100% Natural – Summer & Fall 2016


At this point I had officially cut off my relaxed hair. Whenever I would flat iron my hair I would have super thin ends while the majority of my head was thick and it was a mess. After the cut my hair was bob length until I went back and got it cut shorter so it could grow out evenly. With my hair at this length I couldn’t get my flexirods to stay in my hair so I tried out perm rods. And let me tell y’all, my hair looked so good it gave me the faux tapered look which is so cute. After a while I got tired of doing my hair and got some crochet box braids for back to school.

Now I’m just trying to master a wash and go. Wish me luck!

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