Five Things to Be Happy About

  1. The end of the Fall 2016 semester | This means no more papers, group projects, and homework assignments until Spring 2017!

(an actual representation of myself during these long days of class)

image2 (2).JPG

2. My childhood friends finding love and success


3. Joining clubs and meeting new people | Even though I have been in college for a while I sadly say that I haven’t had much involvement in the clubs that I’ve been a part of. I have attended meetings, holiday parties and done community service with the other members but that’s where it stops.

This year I joined the club for my major where I am currently holding the position as one of the secretaries. Long story short: There are two of each executive board positions because a lot of people wanted to get involved on a higher level. I’ve come to enjoy planning meetings, sending out reminders and having our major club meetings. I should’ve done this a while ago!

4. Living another year – 21 Years & counting | Do you see this cool cake my friends got me? I loved it so much I though it deserved to be featured alone!


5. Spending more time with my family | I can’t wait to go home and hang out with my family! There will be good food, fun and relaxation. Who doesn’t love that?

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