Month: January 2017

5 Swoon-Worthy Valentines Day Outfit Ideas

Ladies, it’s almost time to stunt on these men for Valentines day. Whether you are single or in a relationship you have to slay!

Last year I created a guide on the perfect lippies for V-day and an anti-valentines day outfit idea post – this year I decided to create another valentines day outfit idea post. The inspiration for these outfits came from my love of pale pinks, florals and a popping lip. Who can honestly say they dislike those things? And there isn’t a better time to wear them.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a date because I sure don’t. I’m just waiting on the candy to go on sale and for the new 50 shades of Grey movie to come out. The first one was terrible but it is what it is LOL. Let’s get into these looks!

Look cute and casual in this floral off the shoulder shirt, boot cut jeans and a stylish pair of booties paired with rose gold accessories and a gorgeous lippie.


Kill the scene in this cropped white off the shoulder shirt, a pair of fire-red high waisted pants, and a pair of classic black heels. You can add a leather jacket for a bit of edge.


Show your date that you have a different side to you in this dressyandalittlesexy look. This look features this gorgeous little black dress, wrap up heels and your favorite Olivia Pope style jacket. Add a light pink or nude lip with your floral Kate Spade and you are good to go!



Having a girls night out and you want to make a statement? Wear this. You may be called a badass or a heartbreaker but it is so worth it. This look has three of my wardrobe and beauty staples: A white t-shirt, a pair of skinny midwash jeans with a few rips and the Always Red (01) cream lipstain from Sephora which was also mentioned in my 14 lippies for V-day!

The jacket and heels just give it THAT badass – i may break your heart but you’ll love me anyways – feel


Going dancing or on the cutest date you could ever imagine? Yeah, me neither but this is what I would wear.

Another black dress (because who can’t get enough of those?) paired with a colorful purse and heels with multi-color pom poms. Add a sleek gold choker, black sunglasses to hide your shady looks and a metallic plum lippie. Voila! A masterpiece.


If you are dressing up for Valentines day or any other occasion, I hope that this post can give you a little inspiration or a laugh because I went a little over the top on the outfit descriptions lol. Much love.


My December/January Favorites

As you can tell from the title these were my favorite things for the months of December and January. I really enjoyed eating, using and listening to these items mentioned below soooo, let’s get into the goodness!

Goldfish Chocolate Mint + Pretzels Mix

 Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Grow Leave-in Conditioner | Shea Moisture | $7

Black Opium | Yves Saint Laurent | 0.33 oz/ 10 m | $27

Twisted Peppermint Lotion | Bath and Body Works

Captured Heart Stud Earrings | Pandora | $65

Whitening Face Mask | Mario Badescu | $24

Focus by H.E.R

Fake Love x Sneakin’ Cover by Normani Kordei


Essentials for a Successful Spa Day At Home

We all have those days when we need a little “me time” to get away from our friends, family and responsibilities. These days are so crucial for some because they bring happiness and relaxation to a rather hectic week. I can attest to needing a nice amount of “me time” considering I’m a college student who has lived with different roommates each year.. that alone is enough to stress someone out. To rid myself of this unnecessary stress I have an at home spa day. I’ll paint my nails, do a face mask, deep condition, listen to my favorite tunes and tune out everything else.

To set the pace for the new year – a happy care free new year – I thought that this would be a great time to share a few essentials for a spa day at home. You don’t need to have these items to have a great spa day but it sure can help!

Essentials for an at home spa day

Face masks

Your favorite candle\hot oil | Set the mood for a relaxing spa day with your favorite scent wafting through the air

Hair masks | Treat yourself AND your hair to an amazing deep condition or hot oil treatment because you deserve.

A mani-pedi kit | This kit includes your favorite nail polishes, nail files, cotton balls, nail polish remover, a nail buffer and an exfoliator for you feet.

 Word puzzles, adult coloring books or a journal | Instead of watching tv or scrolling through social media you can use this time to unwind by writing in your journal, solving a few word puzzles or coloring. They now have so many cute adult coloring books that will bring you nostalgia and a good time.

 Your favorite music

Cute pajamas and a robe

Just remember that whatever you choose to do you must treat yo self! I hope you enjoy =)


Drugstore Beauty Wishlist

Because it’s a new year and a new season it was time for beauty brands to release a huge amount of new products. I love seeing the new makeup displays and the updated beauty stands but I told myself that I wouldn’t spend as much money in the new year. So uh can y’all save these items for me? Release them a little later? No. That’s okay, I’m sure I’ll get around to purchasing them somehow.


Photo Focus Concealer | Wet n Wild | $4

True Complexion SPF 15 HD Primer | Black Radiance | $6

True Complexion Creme Contour Palette | Black Radiance | $8 

Aqua Prime Base Spray | Makeup Revolution | $10

Total Control Drop Foundation | NYX | $14

Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder | NYX | $8

Brilliant Color Lipgloss in Fire Cracker | Black Radiance | $4

Perfect Tone Matte Lip Creme | Black Radiance | $4

Face and Body Glitter | NYX | $6

Glitter Primer | NYX | $6

Shady Brow Pencil | LA Girl | $6

Strobe Lite Strobing Powder | LA Girl | $9

HD Pro Setting Powder Banana Yellow | LA Girl | $5



Is This A MAC Dazzleglass Dupe?

I think yes.

During my sophomore year of highschool I discovered the cosmetic company outlet thanks to Youtube. I heard that they sold discontinued and limited edition makeup from MAC Cosmetics and other high end brands. I obviously had to see if for myself, so I did for my 16th birthday. After that trip I couldn’t deny myself the greatness that is the CCO (cosmetic company outlet).

On my third trip to the CCO I found the most amazing sparkly all around gorgeous lip gloss called Funtabulous – A mix of fun and fabulous – basically myself in a lip gloss. It must have called to others as well because I grabbed the last one in stock. This soon became my everyday lip gloss which I used to the end. I never thought that I would find another lip gloss like it until I discovered the Black Radiance Brilliant Effects lip gloss in the shade Date Night!

Y’all, the BR lip gloss cost under $4! Four dollars.. this is literally one of the best lip products in the drugstore!

Date night is on the left and Funtabulous is on the right. They look nearly identical, right? Funtab. is a bit more pink but you can’t tell unless you’re looking super close.

I’m pretty sure that I talk about these lip glosses a little too often, I mean they’re pretty darn gorgeous, and I have mentioned them in two blog post – BOMB products from Black Radiance and the best makeup for back to school under $20. I also own two other shades of the Brilliant Effects lip glosses in Lovesick and Starstruck which I receive sooo many compliments on.

To find these gorgeous glosses you can find them in the Black Radiance stand in Walmart (online too!) and on Black Radiances website!