Essentials for a Successful Spa Day At Home

We all have those days when we need a little “me time” to get away from our friends, family and responsibilities. These days are so crucial for some because they bring happiness and relaxation to a rather hectic week. I can attest to needing a nice amount of “me time” considering I’m a college student who has lived with different roommates each year.. that alone is enough to stress someone out. To rid myself of this unnecessary stress I have an at home spa day. I’ll paint my nails, do a face mask, deep condition, listen to my favorite tunes and tune out everything else.

To set the pace for the new year – a happy care free new year – I thought that this would be a great time to share a few essentials for a spa day at home. You don’t need to have these items to have a great spa day but it sure can help!

Essentials for an at home spa day

Face masks

Your favorite candle\hot oil | Set the mood for a relaxing spa day with your favorite scent wafting through the air

Hair masks | Treat yourself AND your hair to an amazing deep condition or hot oil treatment because you deserve.

A mani-pedi kit | This kit includes your favorite nail polishes, nail files, cotton balls, nail polish remover, a nail buffer and an exfoliator for you feet.

 Word puzzles, adult coloring books or a journal | Instead of watching tv or scrolling through social media you can use this time to unwind by writing in your journal, solving a few word puzzles or coloring. They now have so many cute adult coloring books that will bring you nostalgia and a good time.

 Your favorite music

Cute pajamas and a robe

Just remember that whatever you choose to do you must treat yo self! I hope you enjoy =)



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