Month: February 2017

Utilize Your Resources for FREE Makeup!

Warning, this title is not sensationalized because you can get makeup for free without dumpster diving or whatever crazy methods that are showcased on YouTube. This method of receiving free products is called sampling. By sampling you are able to find your correct shade, which products you like and if you are willing to spend money on the full size item in the future. I believe every makeup counter gives samples of products (you just need to ask) and Sephora gives three per visit, so you are able to rack up on items you’ve been coveting without breaking the bank or making a purchase at the counter/store.

Sometime last week, my friend Raj and I went to the mall to look around and see if we could find something cute to wear for a huge party on-campus, which she did. While there we decided that we would go get a few samples of foundation and concealers that we were interested in trying from high-end companies like Lancome and Bobbi Brown. Eventually that turned into us shamelessly going to both Sephora’s in the mall for more samples of other products – like skin care and whatever else I could think of at the time. This left us with a nice amount of items to try to potentially purchase or to sample again. From this trip I ended with 10 samples which are listed below:

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting foundation in Deep Bronze

Clinique Super Balanced foundation in 15 Golden

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish in Almond

Lancome Teint Idole foundation in 500 Suede W

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Facial Oil from Lancome not sure the name but who doesn’t love expensive products

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer in Caramel

Murad Essential -C Cleanser

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Smoothing Primer

Becca Skin Perfector in Rose Gold

I guess you could say that we had a pretty successful trip!

At Lancome getting matched for a foundation:



Living Single on Valentine’s Day: A Playlist

Social media can give you the impression that being single on Valentine’s day is the end of the world but it isn’t. And this is coming from someone that has never had a Valentine outside of elementary school and every person has one. Liking and retweeting memes may seem fun until you internalize these things and that is where it all goes wrong..

In the case that you are single (like myself), aren’t going anywhere special or you just like good music this is for you!


So show up, show out and get your life to this playlist. Don’t forget that V-day treats go on sale the day after, enjoy!


Five of the Greatest Perfumes Ever

*Drake voice* Top five, top five, top five!


Out of my fragrance collection these are the scents that I grab the most. It’s like they’re Selena in a perfume form but five different perfumes.. So I guess you could say I’m complicated? I don’t know LOL. What I do know is that these perfumes feel me on a spiritual level and I have to share them with everyone.

For my perfume lovers I shared the top notes and a “description” of each scent. Let’s get into it!

The best perfumes ever:

YSL Mon Paris | Passionate. Sensual. Sophisticated.

Top notes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Bergamot, Calone, Pear, Orange Flower

Nude by Rihanna | Romantic

Top notes: Guava Nectar, Mandarin, Pear, Orange Blossom

Burberry Brit (for her) | Impulsive. Sexy. Unique.

Top notes: Italian Lime, Icy Pear, Green Almond

YSL Black Opium | Addictive. Floral. Energetic.

Top notes: Coffee Accord, Orange Blossom, Cedarwood Essence, Patchouli Essense

One Shock by Calvin Klein | Mysterious

Top notes: Passion Flower, Pink Peony, Jewelled Poppy Flower

I hope you check these amazing scents out for yourself and let me know some of your favorites. I’m always on the lookout for new smell goods!