Hot or Not? Simple Pleasures Stocking Stuffers

Happy almost-even though there are still two months left-Christmas! Today I’ll be sharing my review of the Simple Pleasures stocking stuffers from Walgreens. I came across these products in mid October so I’ve been waiting to share my thoughts on these for a while. You know I love a good deal so I could not pass these up. The simple pleasures stocking stuffers come in a wide array of items from face masks, lotions, hand sanitizers, to hair accessories. Each item in the collection is $2, or 4 for $5, so I decided not to go too crazy and picked up a few items. As you scroll down, I’m sure you will notice a similarity in many of the items, I practically got everything in the Sugar Frosting scent and I wish I hadn’t. It smells so generic and nothing like I was hoping. If you do opt to try anything then I’d recommend the peppermint scent because you can’t really go wrong there.

Sugar Frosting scented body butter

Vanilla Cranberry scented body butter


It’s safe to say that you should pass on these. You can find better scents and quality at other stores like Dollar Tree, Bath & Body Works, and where ever else. The consistency isn’t the best, and it takes too much work to take the foil off the product. A dollar and twenty-five cents or not – I’m not here for it.

Sugar Frosting scented bath salt

Sugar Frosting merry & bright lip balm pod


For a stocking stuffer I’d recommend the bath salts. They come nicely packaged and with a scoop that makes it easier to use. I’m sure that many people would love to use this while relaxing.

As for the lip balm, I have a slight pass. Simple Pleasures clearly hadn’t considered the packaging and the shape of the lip balm; because my lip balm would not come out of the packaging until I cut it open with scissors. For a cute novelty gift some may not mind this but I am the exception.

Peppermint hand sanitizer & Sugar Frosting hand sanitizer


I have nothing bad to say about these. Germs are everywhere, and we must do what we can to prevent them from prospering. Hand sanitizer can do no wrong in my eyes and come on, have you seen the cute characters on the holder?

Sugar Frosting scented face wipes with Aloe

Charcoal clay base face mask


I guess you could use the face wipes if you need a good refresher? Due to the fact that they do not have any instructions on the products, and they are not makeup remover wipes, that seems to be the most likely. Take it or leave it – I’m still undecided on these.

The face mask comes in different versions but I chose the charcoal because that is what works best for my skin. I’m trying to glow like a goddess and this will aid in that. Definitely pick one up if you are interested.

Overall, I could have picked better items, or simply saved my money. In the case that you are still interested in these items after my review then YOLO and happy haulidays!


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