The Best FREE Photo Editing Apps

Numerous bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers alike will share a list of their favorite photo editing apps, and many of them cost. For beginners and people who don’t feel the need to spend $5 on a phone app, there is something out there for you.

Photoquilt – This is the app that I use to create collages for Instagram or my blog. You can use as little as 1-2 pictures, and each collage is the perfect size for posting to Instagram without cropping.

Snapseed – This is one of my newer photo editing apps, and it is bae. I use snapseed to add filters, brighten and enhance all pictures that I post. My favorite tool for this app is ‘Tune Image’. It automatically fixes the picture for you but I will usually tweak the brightness and white balance until it is to my liking. Also, I like to utilize the glamour glow tool. That is what was used when editing my photos for my How to Accessorize Like a BOSS post.

Instasize – The purpose of this app is quite obvious, resizing photos for Instagram. It has come in handy several times and offers more than a simple resizing. You can add text, colorful borders, filters and can edit the photo settings. Instasize was my go-to before I discovered the other apps mentioned above.


Dropbox – Houston we need a backup! …wait that is not how that saying goes. Oh well. Dropbox is the GOAT for saving practically any file that you may later need. Images, music, word documents — you name it! You can save it.

This is where I keep my stock photo collection, and pictures that I want to have in my inventory. Not necessarily a photo editing app but it super handy for blogging and school purposes.

Typorama – This is my current go-to app to add text to images, or to create headers. They have a wide range of text styles, backgrounds, and you can resize the picture based on the platform you will be sharing the image on. My only issue with this app is that it automatically adds typoramas watermark to each picture — to solve this issue I will simply crop it out in my photos.

Over – Over is so dope and innovative when it comes to editing and creating images. On this app, you will choose a picture or background, then you can layer other pictures over the background. Once you do that you can add text, shapes and other cool things to enhance the


When it comes to editing, what are your favorite apps?


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