Month: April 2018

Target’s Wakeup and Makeup Beauty Box Haul

I had a ball when I saw the stand of beauty boxes displayed in my local Target’s beauty department. It took at least 6 minutes for me to make a decision, asking myself
“do you want to luxuriate?” “do you want new makeup?” or “do you have room for more face masks?”. During my final deliberation, I decided to buy the Wakeup and Makeup beauty box which is a box full of makeup that’s worth $30 USD. for only SEVEN dollars!

For $7 USD, this is what I received:


ELF Beautifully Bare Blending Brush $6


ELF Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette $8


Dove Invisible Dry Spray $5.50


Covergirl Peacock Flare Mascara $5.50


Dove Dry Shampoo – Coconut $2


Honest Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes $2.50


A few weeks in and I’ve used everything except for the dry shampoo, Covergirl mascara, and the makeup brush cleansing wipe. I was quite skeptical when I opened the ELF face palette and realized how light each shade was, to my surprise the blushes and highlighter were able to finish off my everyday makeup look with a natural flush and subtle highlight. The makeup remover wipes worked well but they smell very strong and that was definitely a turn-off. If I was in need of more makeup remover wipes, I would not purchase the Honest brand due to the smell alone, and it is not a bad scent just strong. The spray deodorant works well but I prefer my Degree dry-spray better, as it seems to last longer throughout the day.

Overall, I would definitely purchase another beauty box from Target if they continue selling them in-store! It’s a great deal and opportunity to try products you may have always wanted. A steal!

koyVoca Cosmetics Haul + Review

When I received an email from koyVoca cosmetics saying that everything was 30% off, I ran to their website and placed an order. In this order, I purchased the Hilife Highlighter in the shade Heir $12 and their Classic Setting Powder in the shade Medium-Deep $10.



Hilife Highlighter in Heir


Choosing a highlighter from their collection was so hard because they have several gorgeous colors and I love them all. I eventually decided on Heir and I’m loving it’s true gold color. The powder is so smooth, doesn’t have obvious glitter and it gives me an ethereal glow. The packaging is compact and great for traveling but I dislike the labels used for the shade names, I accidentally set it on a wet counter and the sticker started peeling almost immediately. Also, my highlighter came with a huge nick in it (as seen above), I assumed that it maybe happened while the powder was being pressed or during shipping.

After traveling with it and using the highlighter a few times there are more dents on the product! If you drop this once, you will probably be devastated at the empty pan and product everywhere. I’m not sure what they are using to press the pigments but the product is way too soft and will break away slowly, do you see all of the powder on the packaging? I don’t have this issue often.


Classic Setting Powder in Medium-Deep


I have no complaints about this powder! I realize that I should have purchased it in the Medium shade but I am so used to commercial brands who sell medium powders that are really “light” so my skepticism prevented me from going with that option. Thankfully I can work with medium-deep even though it’s a bit too red for my liking. My face is set nicely after initial application then I’ll notice a bit of oiliness in my T-Zone but that has happened with other powders also.