A College Girl’s Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide | Under $25

Christmas is in under 15 days, and you have gifts to buy for a wide variety of people. What you need is something accessible and affordable — ordering online is an option but will it be here before Christmas? This is what you need to be considering while gift shopping.

Luckily, I am here to help with a few suggestions!

The fashionista

A Faux Fur Stole – If you haven’t heard, we’ve upgraded from faux fur keychain balls to stoles and scarves. These come in various colors and are no more than $25 at most places. You can catch these at Target (Multicolor, all black, light pink) | $20


A “Wallet on a String” or Quilted Chanel Inspired Bag – This comes in 8 different colors, has a huge space for phones (we with anything +’s rejoice!), and is perfect for quick errands, a night out or anytime, you don’t feel like carrying your big bag. Or for those Chanel lovers who can’t quite afford the real thing. Give the chic feel for Christmas. Twenty dollars each!



The makeup enthusiast

Real Techniques Limited Edition Brush Set or Miracle Complexion Sponge Kit – Six sponges for $10? Shoot, I might throw that in my own stocking for Christmas. You can never have enough brushes or sponges.

NYX #GlitterGoals Kit – Three glitters and NYX’s infamous glitter adhesive for $15 dollars? Yes, please! It is also on sale at Ulta and Belk!


NARS Power Matte Lip Pigment Duo Love Triangle – We’re giving luxury but not breaking the bank all 2017! | $22


The naturalista

Hair Care Travel Kit; Jane Carter Solutions & Uncle Funky’s Daughter – You can give them the chance to try new products from brands made specifically for their hair | $20

The Bare Necessities Starter Pack – Purchase your favorite natural hair products in a mini/travel size, tools (brushes, hair rollers, etc.) and put them in a cute travel case sealed with a bow.

The techie

Selfie Ring Light – Lighting matters, and this is a portable step down from the real thing.

selfie ring light


Google Home Mini – This is a few dollars over the twenty-five dollar mark but it can be of great use to those who would like an assistant without having an assistant



Black Card Revoked  – People from all walks of life can enjoy this card game, it comes in a plethora topics ranging from Original to Hip-hop to Black History & more.

Black card revoked

Gift Cards – Don’t know what to buy? Money to spend at their favorite stores is always an option. Sephora, Old Navy, Chipotle, or even Visa gift cards are accepted by all.

You can find the previous gift guides from XOXOSelenaNicole here: Black-Owned Under $30 & Cute and Affordable Under $25

BTW: This is not sponsored by Target, I just shop there way too often!


2017 in Review: Xoxoselenanicole’s Top 5 Posts

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip down memory lane while reading the most popular posts on XOXOSelenaNicole in 2017

Is This A MAC Dazzleglass Dupe?

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My Most EXPENSIVE Haul Ever: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Wow, this totally just reminded me that I lost my gloss bomb a week or two ago. While I’m still mourning my loss — let’s have a moment of silence for my everyday fave :/

11 Natural Hair Must Haves for $1



My Top 22 Most Played Songs

…according to Apple Music. Majority of the songs on this list were created by one of my faves, Aubrey Graham, aka Drake for those who don’t know. Check out my playlist, and jam with me!

Feel No Ways – Drake

Too Good (feat. Rihanna) – Drake

All We Do – Trey Songz

Summers Over Interlude – Drake

U With Me? – Drake

Fire & Desire – Drake

Loyalty (feat. Rihanna) – Kendrick Lamar

Mr. Steal Your Girl – Trey Songz

No Angel – Beyonce

Faithful (feat. Pimp C & dvsn) – Drake

Childs Play – Drake

Jungle – Drake

Sorry – Ciara

Controlla – Drake

I Love You – Faith Evans

Mine (feat. Drake) – Beyonce

Mask Off – Future

Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean) – Beyonce

Weston Road Flows – Drake

Marvin’s Room – Drake

Shawty – Plies

What’s My Name? – Rihanna


Save Money While You #Slay pt. II

Do you love discovering new things and saving money on some of your favorite brands? If so this post is for you. Below there are three super cool subscription services and a resource for college students who enjoy online shopping. Part one of my Save Money While You #Slay series is here!


  • Influenster
    • Influenster is a service that sends you products free for reviewing. The level of items that you receive are based on your social media influence after connecting your SM accounts with Influenster. The items you review will vary depending on your interests like beauty, fashion, technology, traveling etc. Because of Influenster I’ve been able to try items from Bite Beauty, Marc Jacobs, Covergirl, Ralph Lauren and many other popular brands. If you like to try new things and don’t mind doing tasks like reviewing and sharing on social media then sign on up today!
  • Unidays
    • If you’re a college student who loves to online shop then you must sign up for Unidays! Unidays is a website that gives you access to student discounts from many popular brands such as Boohoo, missguided, Levi’s, Apple, Asos, and MORE. You must have a current student email to use these great deals. You are also required to verify your student status but it’s worth it if you love these brands.
  • Sample Source
    • Sample Source is another service that sends you products free to “try before you buy”. For this service you have to fill out your profile to give them more information about yourself and the items you’re interested in. They will send you an email whenever there are samples available that fit your profile. You then get the option to choose which items will fill your box. It’s also imporatnt to keep your profile up to date so you can try more things.
  • PINCHme
    • PINCHme is another service where you can get products free for reviewing purposes. For this service you need to take a shopper survey so they can match you with the best samples. Out of the three services mentioned this one is my least favorite because as long as I’ve been using this service I haven’t been a match for many of the sample dates which are once a Tuesday every month. I will say that I have been able to get free magazine subscriptions so I guess it’s okay. You also have to update your profile quite frequently.
    • Samples I’ve received: Greenies Pill Pockets for my dog Roscoe, a Scotch-Brite Scrubbing dish cloth (that I loved), a dog food coupon, a grey reducing shampoo for men (for my dad) and Shout Color catcher dye trapping sheets.

That’s all for part two of the Save While You #Slay series. Whenever I find more deals/services I will be sure to create a third part. I hope this series is useful for those who don’t want to break the bank with each purchase/new thing they try.


The Girl Behind the Blog | Get to Know Me!

I’ve been blogging on Xoxoselenanicole since my freshman year of college, which would make this blog 4 years old. And in these four years I’ve never shared much information about myself but that’s about to change – starting today!

Image-1 (1)

About ya girl:

Major: Therapeutic recreation

Plans after college: After graduation (whenever that will be) I would like to attend graduate school to get my masters in Occupational Therapy. If I do end up following a different path I’d hope that it’s something I love.

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Something I would tell my younger self: Don’t give up on yourself, don’t feel inadequate, continue to do the things you love and learn how to accept your time alone.

The last thing I bought: Well, I had went to Walgreens with the intent to purchase discounted Easter candy but I ended up with nothing remotely related to candy – makeup! I got the Maybeline shine shot in the shade Prismatic, a Wet n Wild velvet matte lip color in the shade Looking for a Truffle and the Sugar Crush body spray from Soap and Glory.

A random fact about me: One of my favorite movies is Superbad

My favorite ice cream: World class chocolate from Baskin Robbins. YUMMY!

Dream travel destination: I would love to travel all over the world to be honest. One of the places I’ve wanted to visit since I was younger is Toyko.

What I hate most about school: GROUP PROJECTS!

Why I blog: I love affordable beauty and fashion, and talking about life from time to time. My good friend also began blogging around the same time I created XOXOSelenaNicole, so we would always talk about different ideas for a blogposts and chat about bloggy things. It’s also fun to share these different topics with others, whether my audience is big or small. I just really enjoy reading blogs and blogging. Hopefully my platform will expand in the future.

What’s in my bag: I’m carrying this huge tote from Kate Spade so it’s going to be a bunch of random items LOL

  • Two pairs of black shades. One pair is heart shaped and the other is circular.
  • A small rose gold Michael Kors wristlet
  • My glasses and glass case
  • NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Praline
  • Travel size Palmers Coconut Oil body lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra Polar Ice gum – MY FAVE!
  • 2 Carmex
  • Maybelline Shine Shot lipgloss
  • Pens and pencils
  • Receipts
  • Mini hello kitty notebook
  • MAC Lipglass in the shade Viva Glam Miley Cyrus
  • L.A. Colors babyPOP lipgloss in Clear
  • Bag from Dollar tree – mini haul: 2 Milani lipglosses, cotton rounds, hair pins, hair clips, black headbands, Wet n Wild mascara, a car air freshener and a window car cleaner.

Meaning behind my blog name: Honestly, it’s the only name I could come up with. I chose XOXO because it sounds cute and I am Selena Nicole so.. yep lol

….If you’re reading this you’ve reached the end. Sorry, I got a little long winded but I hope you enjoyed getting to know the girl behind the blog!


Amazing Instagram Pages to Follow!

Aside from my classmates, favorite celebrities and whoever else I follow, these are the pages that I love the most. Because of their unique styles and aesthetics I can’t help but enjoy seeing them on my timeline. If you’re interested in following some new and stylish faces then check each person out below!






image1 (6)


image2 (3)

Marjorie and Lori Harvey





image3 (1)

Thecutlife and cocoaswatches



Let me know some of your favorites because I’m always interested in following new, stylish people!


Essentials for a Successful Spa Day At Home

We all have those days when we need a little “me time” to get away from our friends, family and responsibilities. These days are so crucial for some because they bring happiness and relaxation to a rather hectic week. I can attest to needing a nice amount of “me time” considering I’m a college student who has lived with different roommates each year.. that alone is enough to stress someone out. To rid myself of this unnecessary stress I have an at home spa day. I’ll paint my nails, do a face mask, deep condition, listen to my favorite tunes and tune out everything else.

To set the pace for the new year – a happy care free new year – I thought that this would be a great time to share a few essentials for a spa day at home. You don’t need to have these items to have a great spa day but it sure can help!

Essentials for an at home spa day

Face masks

Your favorite candle\hot oil | Set the mood for a relaxing spa day with your favorite scent wafting through the air

Hair masks | Treat yourself AND your hair to an amazing deep condition or hot oil treatment because you deserve.

A mani-pedi kit | This kit includes your favorite nail polishes, nail files, cotton balls, nail polish remover, a nail buffer and an exfoliator for you feet.

 Word puzzles, adult coloring books or a journal | Instead of watching tv or scrolling through social media you can use this time to unwind by writing in your journal, solving a few word puzzles or coloring. They now have so many cute adult coloring books that will bring you nostalgia and a good time.

 Your favorite music

Cute pajamas and a robe

Just remember that whatever you choose to do you must treat yo self! I hope you enjoy =)


What I’m Leaving in 2016..

2017 where art thou? I’ve been waiting on you at the door! LOL. Now, don’t get me wrong – 2016 was pretty good but I’m prepared for better and eager to explore new opportunities in 2017.

Yes, I know this might sound super cliché but I’m turning over a new leaf for the new year! Starting now…

There are a few things I plan on leaving in the dust:

  • Letting others dictate my happiness
  • Procrastination
  • These damaged & split ends
  • Self-doubt
  • My over spending on clothing and beauty products

I don’t expect these things to completely disappear because the year is changing but because I know what steps I need to take to lessen their presence in my life. For example if I want damage free hair then I should cut those damaged ends off! Sadly it isn’t going to be as easy to rid my life of those other things, especially procrastination. Procrastination is like my favorite pastime while doing homework/assignments, writing blog posts and basically doing anything important. *sighs* Lets hope that I’m able to succeed in my quest to greatness. 

May you all have an amazing and prosperous new year!


Five Things to Be Happy About

  1. The end of the Fall 2016 semester | This means no more papers, group projects, and homework assignments until Spring 2017!

(an actual representation of myself during these long days of class)

image2 (2).JPG

2. My childhood friends finding love and success


3. Joining clubs and meeting new people | Even though I have been in college for a while I sadly say that I haven’t had much involvement in the clubs that I’ve been a part of. I have attended meetings, holiday parties and done community service with the other members but that’s where it stops.

This year I joined the club for my major where I am currently holding the position as one of the secretaries. Long story short: There are two of each executive board positions because a lot of people wanted to get involved on a higher level. I’ve come to enjoy planning meetings, sending out reminders and having our major club meetings. I should’ve done this a while ago!

4. Living another year – 21 Years & counting | Do you see this cool cake my friends got me? I loved it so much I though it deserved to be featured alone!


5. Spending more time with my family | I can’t wait to go home and hang out with my family! There will be good food, fun and relaxation. Who doesn’t love that?

Blog Signature 2

Where Am I Going?

Currently I am at the point in my life where I’m trying to figure out what direction I want to go in. “Is this the major for me?” “Am I doing everything I possibly can to succeed?” “Am I genuinely happy with my life?”
It is common for things like this to cross our minds while we’re young (or at any age) and we have to remind ourselves of our purpose in life including the goals that we want to accomplish and a back up plan if they become intangible. I have always had a dream of becoming a dentist and when I wasn’t able to major in dentistry I went to the next best thing, nursing. It’s so very easy to say what we want to do in life but it isn’t always as easy to fulfill that. If you have to make a journal full of your academic, personal and spiritual goals to get a little closer to obtaining them it will be okay. Something’s may happen but you will always have plan so that we’re able to be one even two steps ahead. For example:
My GPA wasn’t what I expected it to be at the end of the year, so next year I plan on being more studious and aware of what areas of study I need a little extra attention in.
I didn’t go to the gym like I said I would and my weight loss goal wasn’t reached, so now I know how much I need to exercise and ways I should eat healthier to help aid this process.
If I’m not able to do these things I know that my plan needs to get tweaked so I can find success and happiness within myself.
I know this post seemed kind of random but this has been on my mind for a great deal of time and I had to get it out. I hope you all understand where I’m coming from and try to apply this to your lives accordingly. Until next time.
Blog Signature 2