Danessa Myricks

Black-Owned Makeup Brands Wishlist | Face Powders & Highlighters

Back at it again it with Black-Owned Makeup Brands!

The first list in my on-going series consisted of makeup needed for your base ex: foundation and concealers (can be found here). So this list is compromised of items needed to complete the full face of makeup; setting powders, blush, highlighters and a setting spray – because you always have to set the look.

I hope you check out the other items offered from these companies, and let me know your favorites if you have already tried them out!


Danessa Myricks Beauty | Evolution Powder #4 $24


BLAC Minerals Cosmetics | Flawless Finish Dust in the shade Java $16 |

LIT Highlight Powder in the shade Winnin’ $20


koyVoca Cosmetics | Ultra (setting) Powder in the shade Ultra 3 $10 |

The HiLife Highlighter in the shade 1,000,000, 000 Babe $12

If you’re interested in trying their cream foundations, cream concealers, or powder foundations. They have samples for sell for about $2 each – they can be found here.


Marena Beaute | Blush in the shade Chocolat $37


Loecal | Supernova Highlighter $14


Beeqbox | Xenon Illuminating Setting Spray $13.50


Black-Owned Makeup Brands Wishlist | Foundation & Co.

For some reason it has been assumed that you can only get a full face of makeup, nail polish, and skin care from mainstream brands. This is simply untrue and there are several Black-Owned brands that literally have everything!

I decided to do a series of “wishlists” with items that I would like to try from various Black-Owned brands, to bring awareness, and because I undoubtedly want these items. For the first wishlist, I will solely focus on foundation and concealer as that is one of the most important products you will apply. I hope you enjoy this series and are able to find some staples to add to your own collection. Let’s get into it!

Base 1

Vera Moore Cosmetics | Liquid foundation $25 | Liquid Concealer $18.50

Danessa Myricks Beauty| Vision Cover Cream $28

If you are unsure of your foundation shade but want to experiment before committing, go on over to Camera Ready Cosmetics, and get a few samples for $5 each. A little goes a long way with this product so my full coverage girls will love this!

AJ Crimson Beauty| Match Me Sample Kit $35

12 shades of signature foundation plus Banana Creme Highlighter, Deep Peach Corrector # 102 and #105 corrector

Blacminerals Cosmetics| Concealer $18

Unlike the Vera Moore concealer above, this concealer is a cream. It comes in a stick form (with cute packaging might I add).

If you want to try before committing to a full size, a sample is only $2 and can be found here.

SKNYDIP Cosmetics| Foundation in the shade Boardwalk After 6 | $11

Eleven dollars for a foundation? I. am. sold! You don’t have to tell me much more unless they don’t carry my shade. And I definitely won’t have to worry about that problem with this brand! I have heard that the shade comparison chart could use a bit of work, so consider buying a sample before buying the full size. And I almost forgot to mention, the sample is $2.

Switch it up and try something new. You won’t regret it! Happy shopping ❤