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An EPIC E.L.F Cosmetics Haul!

Let me give y’all the 411 real quick… Dollar Tree has it all. I purchased thiry-three dollars worth of items for only NINE dollars. That is a twenty-four dollar difference, and I never would have had this opportunity had I purchased these products elsewhere.

I will spare the dramatics (for once) and we will get right into it!

I purchased two of the ultimate blending brushes$6 each, one small tapered brush$3, one lock on liner and brow cream in medium brown$4, one angled blush brush$4, one flat eyeliner brush$3, one aqua beauty molten liquid eyeshadow in the shade brushed copper$4, and one matte lip color in the shade Cranberry$3.

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Bolero Skincare Haul | Dollar Tree Deals

Bolero skincare you say? I thought that was a jacket? I kid, I kid.

You must admit that was kind of funny though… Alright. I’ll get serious! Bolero is a popular brand that you can find at your local Dollar Tree. They sell bath bombs, body oils, lotions, face wipes, and all that good stuff we love. The reason why I am sharing these items today are because they recently dropped their line of fall scents. This collection consisted of a nice amount of products, but I was only able to get my hands on the body oils and face wipes.

The scents released were Vanilla Cream and Apple & Cinnamon. Since this was my first time trying these items from Bolero I decided to get one item of each scent except for the face wipes in Apple & Cinnamon – it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Now I will give you guys the tea shortly…


The Vanilla Cream products smell good, but the Apple & Cinnamon smells exactly like the potpourri my mother had in our bathroom when I was younger. I don’t mind the scent, but it is not something I will use frequently. Because the scent of the oils does not last for a long time they are good as a base for perfumes, that do not last as long, and for mixing with pigments as a shimmer oil. The pumps on the bottles are perfect for a quick mess-free application which makes that shimmer oil idea even better. If you are not interested in the oils for that purpose, then skip it. Also, the packaging comes without labels, so you would not be able to easily tell the difference between the two.

I have not opened the face wipes yet as I am currently using the Sugar Frosting wipes from simple pleasures. To read about those then click here.

Stay tuned for a post on how I create my own shimmer oils. You don’t want to miss this!




11 Natural Hair Must-Haves for $1!


I’m sure you guys are tired of reading about Dollar Tree, but this store has some GREAT things for people with relaxed, natural and transitioning hair. Over the years I’ve purchased a lot of my everyday hair essentials from there because why not get what I need for a dollar? This way I won’t have any qualms when something gets lost or breaks which happens quite frequently. Since I love deals and sharing them with you all, I came up with a list of my natural hair essentials for only one dollar. Please note that you can find everything in-store and online!

Bobby/hair pins | Talk about a life saver! These things will help save any hair style but they get lost quite easily. Thankfully you can get a 72 count of flat bobby pins at my fave spot!

Elastic Headbands | Elastic headbands have easily become a staple in my hair accessories collection because they are great for putting my hair into puffs. They’re also great for pulling your hair back when your bangs decide to act up, like mine do quite frequently.

Spray bottle | Another life saver! Spray bottles always come in with the clutch. I use them for setting lotion, water for refreshing my hairstyles, and a conditioner mix when I have braids. Using a spray bottle definitely helps saving time, and you won’t have to continuously run your sink/shower for water.

Butterfly clips | I don’t know about you but I have to use at least 6 clips when doing my hair. If they’re the same type, probably not, but I like to feel organized and these help when I section my hair off. You can purchase a four pack of white/black or multi-color (what I usually get) at the dollar store which is better than what you could get them for at Sally’s Beauty – and I love shopping at Sally’s.

Shower caps | I think this is quite self explanatory but if it isn’t… these keep your hair from getting wet in the shower. And you can use them while deep conditioning to maintain the moisture. Luckily, these come in a multi pack so they’re great for traveling and groups of people.

Detangling Brushes | On one of my latest trips I noticed that they’re selling dupes for the Tangle Teezer style detangling brush and I know those are super popular. I have one from Sally’s and I can’t live without it.

Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics | Ponytails, mini-pineaplles and everything in-between. I use them for so much, and they’re also another item like bobby pins that go missing super quick.

Combs | Well this one seems self explanatory also. You can purchase singles or a multi-pack with the hair pick, my personal favorite. When I buy this I’m able to give the ones that I don’t particularly use to my parents/friends.

Satin Bonnets | Cover your hair. Protect your hair. Love your hair! And what better way to do that than with a bonnet at night? I’m telling you, this is a top priority. They also sell satin pillowcases!

Hair Gel

V05 Shampoo & Conditioner | A cheap but good buy! I’ve used their various lines on and off for years and they’ve never steered me wrong!

I hope this list is beneficial and inspires you to take a gander down the hair/beauty isles at your local Dollar Tree.


L.A Colors Shadow by Number Palette Haul + Swatches!

On one of my most recent trips to Dollar Tree I had come across these beautiful quads from L.A. colors and I just had to try them out. To not go overboard I picked my two favorites Nerd Chic and Extra Credit. Even though these quads looked promising I was still a bit skeptical about the quality, and this is coming from someone who was an avid user of their 3 and 5 color palettes.


After opening and swatching these eyeshadows I was in awe because the shadows are so buttery and they swatch b-e-a-u-t-ifully except for a few.


Nerd Chic


1 – A frosty champagne

2 –  A shimmering bronze

3 – A shimmering brown with cherry red glitter

4 – A matte olive green

Extra Credit


1: A shimmering yellow gold

2 – A shimmering teal

3- A matte pale pink (kind of chalky)

4- A shimmering rose gold

My favorite out of the two would have to be Extra Credit because it comes with a nice selection of colors that would be perfect for the spring/summer. If you see any while you’re out and about then you should check them out.


Friday’s Finds at Dollar Tree

I love Dollar Tree because I can usually find nice name brand things and those everyday essentials like cotton balls and q-tips. On today’s trip to Dollar Tree I found three cool things that I would like to share: I got two nail polishes and I even got a cute little lipstick/makeup brush holder in the shape of a flower.

The goods

OPI – Comet in the Sky

After checking out I googled this shade to find out that it was from the Gwen Stefani Holiday collection from 2014 which is cool depending on how you view it.

Kylie – Trend Matters by Sinful Colors in the shade Krushed Velvet

Based of what I saw alone, I’d say it’s lit! So you should head on over to your local Dollar Tree and see what goods you can find!

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