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First Impression | #STUNNA Lip Paint in ‘Uncensored’ by Fenty Beauty

Happy HAUL-idays. I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones! To start off the HAULidays I will be sharing the Stunna Lip Paint from Fenty Beauty in the shade Uncensored.

For a whopping twenty-four dollars you get 0.13 oz/4mL of product in sleek Christian Loubition-like packaging with a gold top and a clear bottom. The color is described as a perfect universal red for every skin tone – so far I would have to agree. The formula claims to be weightless, long-wearing (12 hours), and a soft matte finish.

You can find the STUNNA Lip Paint in-stores (and online) at Sephora and Sephora in JCP. It can also be found online at Fentybeaty.com.

My experience:

I wore this liquid lipstick the day after purchasing because I had to get my #look together first. Once I did, I applied the lipstick at around 4PM and I had it on until 12AM. The wand on this liquid lipstick is amazzzzing because you do not have to dip more than once for a full application on the lips. I actually could have benefited from wiping excess product from the wand so I would not have made such a mess. A little goes a long way with this one.

The consistency of the formula is reminiscent to Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks as it isn’t thick, and it dries down quite quickly. Some may take that statement as an insult but I love Colourpop’s UM liquid lipsticks because they wear very comfortably. I would love to say that I forgot that I was even wearing the lipstick but that would be a lie. ‘Uncensored’ is a gorgeous color but I like my red’s more blue based. In the packaging, the color looks similar to Sephora’s Always Red lipstain which is not the case when on.

After hours of drinking, eating and talking, I did not notice the color fading until later in the evening. What I did notice was the product sinking into the lines of my lips and in my opinion that is not a good look. When that occurs it makes it seem as if your lips are lacking moisture or the product is drying which isn’t the case in my opinion. This most likely would not be occurring if the formulation was thicker.


Overall, I am not the biggest fan of the #STUNNA Lip Paint because I am choosy with my red lipsticks. I will be using this again as I did not spend twenty-four dollars in vain.

If you have tried Uncensored what are your thoughts? Are you loving it or leaving it?


DIY Aquazurra Raffia Pom Pom Heels | Under $30

One of my favorite places to find a super stylish DIY is on LocksandTrinkets blog and YouTube channel. Sometime last year she had posted a video where she recreated the most amazing pair of shoes by Aquazurra. I instantly fell in love and decided that I would try it for myself. Shortly after I purchased a pack of pom pom balls and a pair of open toe wrap around heels from Madden Girl. This project took no time to complete and I couldn’t help but love the finished results. For comparison:

Aquazurra Raffia Pom Pom Stilettos | $825 USD vs. DIY Madden Girl Pom Pom Stilettos | $27 minus tax

Image-1 (2)

What you’ll need:

80 Pack Assorted pom pom balls | $1

2 Pack of Superglue | $1

Open toed strappy heels | Madden Girl | $25

When recreating this DIY I didn’t do everything exactly the same because 1. I couldn’t find my hot glue gun 2. I used one size pom pom balls and 3. I covered the whole strap in pom pom balls instead of focusing on the center.

This took no more than 20 minutes to complete because it is so easy. To help cut down on the production time I laid my pom pom’s out in a sequence that I liked so I wouldn’t have any difficulties when gluing them onto the shoe. This isn’t really necessary but I was going for a more uniform look considering I had eight different color pom poms to choose from. After this I glued the pom poms down and waited for them to dry. The dry time doesn’t take very long but you may want to wait a few minutes before wearing them out to make sure the balls set.



DIY: Puma Inspired Slide-On’s

Who doesn’t love to add a bit of pizzazz to something a little drab? Today I’ll be showing you how you can create your own puma inspired furry slides!

What you will need:

  • 1 Pair of plain slides
  • A hot glue gun
  • 2 hot glue sticks (or adhesive of your choice)
  • 6ft Feather Boa (in any color)
  • 1 Pair of scissors

The first thing that you will need to do is plug in your hot glue gun. The gun should have reached the needed temperature by the time you have taken the tags off of your shoes and unraveled the boa. Due to the boa being 6ft you can cut the boa in half to use 3ft of ‘fur’ on each slide. Please note that you may need a longer piece based on the size of the shoe. You will then glue the boa onto the shoe in any pattern to get your desired look. Voila! Your shoes will be ready for wear minutes after you finish gluing.

*Cut the boa on a solid surface or a piece of newspaper so you can easily clean up the fallout*

The final product

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