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HAUL | Jordana’s NEW Cosmic Glow Holographic Lipgloss Collection

The lip product junkie in me rejoiced when I saw that Jordana was coming out with a new line of lipglosses. One of my favorite things about the brand is their great deals, but they do not release new products as often as my other favorite drugstore brands.

As soon as I found these glosses in my local Walgreens, I grabbed up two of six from the collection.


Then maybe a few days later, I picked up two more glosses from the collection. At this point, it would seem like I may be going to pick up the last two from the collection but I wasn’t interested in those. A shocker? I know LOL.

The glosses retail for $3 a pop – A DEAL!

The shades that I purchased are 02 Galactic Blue, 03 Crystallized Pink, 05 Brilliant Fuschia and 06 Iridescent Purple.


SWATCHES || (R-L) 06 Iridescent Purple – 02 Galactic Blue


Stay tuned because I may or may not have a few dupes coming up *cough* Fenty Beauty *cough*!


Natasha Denona Dupes UNDER $20 | Bad Habit Beauty

Back at it again with the Bad Habit Beauty palettes! This time they have dupes for the ever popular palettes by Natasha Denona that cost over one hundred dollars EACH… yes, you read that right.

The Solstice and Supernova palettes are $16 each, or $24 for both (this price will eventually go up) which is a steal compared to ND’s price. Each palette contains 15 eyeshadows with an appreciable mix of matte and metallic finishes. Solstice is sunset themed with a combination of warm brown tones, burnt oranges, reds, golds, bronzes, and yellows. Whereas Supernova is purple themed with a combination of warm and cool violets, plums, and fuchsia.


Solstice dupe for Natasha Denona’s Sunset Palette $129

Supernova dupe for Natasha Denona’s Lila Palette $129

Aren’t they beautiful? You can find these dupes on the shophush app where they are being exclusively sold!


CCO Haul | Justine Skye x MAC Collaboration

Happy HAULidays! Today I am bringing you this amazing deal that I picked up while perusing the Cosmetic Company Outlet.

Last weekend the CCO at Concord Mills had 40% off everything (except for Tom Ford and the super luxury items ūüė¶ ). Since the items are already discounted from their original prices an extra percentage¬†off couldn’t hurt. Surprisingly, I had not¬†seen a lot that caught my eye until I came across the Justine Skye x MAC Collaboration Iridescent Powder. I too, want to be a purple unicorn, so this was a must-have. For $12 + tax – I did good!




Limited Edition MAC Glitter ‘Reigning Riches’ Dupe!

I have found an affordable dupe of MAC Cosmetic’s Reigning Riches loose glitter from their Holiday 2016 collection. Yesterday while creating a look using my Athena palette from Bad Habit, I realized that I owned a glitter similar to the one that came in my Nutcracker Sweet Bronze pigment & glitter kit. To test this theory, I applied both glitters to my eye and you literally couldn’t tell the difference.


The dupe for this glitter would be the shade Daring from the Athena palette, a dupe for Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk Eyeshadow palette. The palette is $12 containing 14 shadows versus the thirty-five dollars for the limited edition set of pigments. You can currently find the glitter for sell on places like Glambot¬†and eBay ranging from $11 dollars and up – so this alternative is a steal. And it is also easily accessible, unlike its limited edition counterpart.


Athena Palette by Bad Habit Beauty – Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Dupe |Deal UNDER $15!

Another one! I have slowly become obsessed with scoring the latest palette from Bad Habit Beauty, and I am not mad at it. Each palette is affordable, full of pigment and a dupe for something that is not in my current budget – a win!

The Athena palette is a dupe of the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty that is SIXTY-FIVE dollars, so I had no choice but to purchase this for a fraction of the price at $12.



Up Close & Personal

Isn’t she pretty? *sighs* I thought I was in love with Aphrodite but Athena arrived and I suddenly don’t know her — shout out to Mariah Carey — anymore.

The notable shades from this palette are Epic, Medusa, Daring and, Gleam. I don’t have any colors in my collection similar to these shades while I have plenty of oranges and burgundies.



Battle of the Dupes:

Aphrodite (Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Palette) $10 vs. Athena (Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Dupe) $12


At first glance, you may notice some similarities between a few shades in the palettes. The more notable ones being Love and Prize (Aphrodite vs Athena), Romance and Heroic, Crush and Medusa, and Blushing and Valour. Upon swatching the shades side by side, the best matches are Love and Prize Рthey are literally the same color, just placed in another palette.


You can find this bad boy on for twelve dollars. So far it seems to only be available on the shophush app.


Mariah Carey x MAC for Holiday 2016 Haul

Picture it, November 24th, 2017, at the Cosmetic Company Outlet.

There weren’t a lot of things that stood out but the ‘extra 50% off’ sign drew me further into the store. At that moment I found what I was missing, and could not get at the original release. It was ‘My Mimi’ Extra Dimension Skin Finish from the Mariah Carey x MAC Holiday collection from 2016. A limited-edition product originally costing forty-five dollars and fifty cents, on sale for SIXTEEN DOLLARS!

I had to get it. The gorgeous golden powder in the shape of Mariah Carey’s face could not be denied. I needed to glow! So, I got it…



DIY | Shimmer Body Oil

Tom Ford who? NARS who? I don’t know them *Mariah Carey voice*.

In my Bolero Skincare haul, I mentioned creating shimmer body oils with the Vanilla Cream and Apple & Cinnamon face, hair & skin body oils I had purchased. The bottle that the oils come in were literally perfect for this as they have a pump which is great for easy application to the skin. To see what I used, and my results, keep reading!

What you will need:

Oil of your choice

Loose pigments (finely milled glitter can be used too)

A spray bottle or bottle with a dropper

Paper towels or paper to catch the excess fall out

Small spoon, scoop or hair pin.



First you will need to lay the piece of paper or paper towel down to catch any fallout from the pigments. After this it’s quite simple. You will add the pigments and oil to the bottle using your scoop of choice (I used the end of a hair pin) – there is so specific order to this step – then mix the two together. Add different amounts, and various colors to customize the body oil to your liking. I used about three different pigments in each oil until I was satisfied with the results.

For example, with the Vanilla Cream oil, I decided to make the coloring lighter because that scent is lighter, and it seemed to fit. Then for the Apple & Cinnamon, I used the darker mixture of pigments.

PRO TIP: Massage the oil into damp or wet skin for the most moisture. When drying off use your towel in patting motions.

The final product:

Left: Apple & Cinnamon – Right: Vanilla Cream




An EPIC E.L.F Cosmetics Haul!

Let me give y’all the 411 real quick… Dollar Tree has it all. I purchased thiry-three dollars worth of items for only NINE dollars. That is a twenty-four dollar difference, and I never would have had this opportunity had I purchased these products elsewhere.

I will spare the dramatics (for once) and we will get right into it!

I purchased two of the ultimate blending brushes$6 each, one small tapered brush$3, one lock on liner and brow cream in medium brown$4, one angled blush brush$4, one flat eyeliner brush$3, one aqua beauty molten liquid eyeshadow in the shade brushed copper$4, and one matte lip color in the shade Cranberry$3.

elf haul



Retro Love Palette by Bad Habit Beauty | $10 Deal


If you recall my haul of the Aphrodite palette (Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition dupe!), I mentioned that I had plans on buying more items from Bad Habit Beauty. A few weeks later, and we are back!

This time I’m bringing you the Retro Love palette which is a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. After the initial controversy and bad reviews I could not bring myself to spend $42 on that palette. So thank goodness for Bad Habit Beauty!

The packaging of this palette is super cute, I mean, do you see it? The “retro” theme was perfectly captured in it’s design¬†which makes it even better. This palette contains 14 eye shadows that¬†just scream¬†Fall.

Anas… I mean Bad Habit Beauty went off on this one.



There are 11 matte shades, and 3 shimmers.

Out of the 14 shades in this palette, the most notable are Flower Power, Rebel, Icon, Mod, Revolution and Nostalgia. Flower Power was the first color that caught my eye because I own several orange eyeshadows but none of them are a creamsicle shade like FP.


By looking at the swatches above, I am sure you are noticing the patchiniess in some of the shades like Mod, and Nostalgia. This can definitely cause a problem during application and should be noted for those who are interested.

I have not used this palette yet¬†as it¬†literally arrived¬†while I was leaving for class ūüė¶¬†but I am willing to bet that there will be fallout. It¬†won’t be as bad as the first batch of Subculture palettes but it is what it is LOL.

I am eager to create some colorful looks with this palette for the holiday season, so stay tuned for a review or first impression.


Holiday Makeup Books by L.A. Colors Haul & SWATCHES | $1 Deals

Dollar Tree came through again! This time I’m bringing you the holiday makeup books from L.A Colors, if that is the actual name of these items, I have no clue. But they are booklet style, and they were released before the holiday’s. What you can find are lip color palettes, and highlighters and bronzers. I cannot tell you the different shade names because they do not have names on the packaging to differentiate the various colors. The only thing I can tell you is to look at the different products, and figure out which color is for you.

I picked up three of the holiday booklets; the darkest lip palette, the glowing sun highlighter and the sun kissed bronzer.



Swatches of the lip palette:



The pigmentation of these lipsticks had me SHOOK! They are great quality, and perfect for creating an ombre lip. Additionally, the packaging is compact which makes it amazing for makeup kits and traveling.

From (L-R) Sunkissed Bronzer & Glowing Sun Highlighter



As you can see, the bronzer isn’t exactly a bronzer on my skin. I don’t see how the glittery powder would work as a bronzer on ANY skintone but that is neither here nor there.

Out of the two, my favorite is the bronzer because it gives me that “I’ve been drinking water and minding my business” glow that is always talked about on Twitter. It appears quite natural, and produces a wet-look. I wore it just yesterday, and I could not stop staring at myself in the mirror.

The highlighter is gorgeous too, but if you apply too much you will look crazy. One time I went a little ham with the fan brush and had to do some serious damage control. Thankfully all was well in the end…

If you come across these items at your local store, then definitely pick one or two items up. They would make great gifts and stocking stuffers!